Life and Relationships are Complex

Finding fulfillment in both doesn’t have to be

Relational Therapy for Individuals and Couples, New York City and Rhinebeck, NY

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It’s late at night…

Insomnia is setting in, and fear and anxiety are taking up residence in the pit of your stomach.

That huge fight that you had earlier this evening really hurts… how could they not know that you had a bad day, too?

You needed to kick back and relax; instead you both nastily yelled at each other.

It’s just not your relationship with others…

Loneliness, isolation, depression, and anxiety keep you up at night, preventing you from experiencing life in the fullest way possible.

Relational intimacy doesn’t only mean the relationship we have with others. It also means the intimacy you have with yourself.

Our self-esteem and self-awareness are in jeopardy when we don’t connect with ourselves.

Dread fills your heart…

“Is this the end of our relationship?”

If you’re searching the Internet in confusion wondering whether your relationship, friendship, or family problem could be saved, or solved, or wondering whether it is even worth saving… know that it’s not strange.

Your feelings are natural.

Relationships are challenging at times, like an ocean with many currents that push and pull you.

Transitions are also a natural part of life – feeling isolated and alone doesn’t feel good.

Breaking destructive cycles can feel defeating when what we’ve tried doesn’t work.

We are wired for connection.

We want closeness with another whether we are married, in a long-term partnership, newly dating, or with family or friends – it doesn’t matter.

We all need and want to intimately relate to another and feel seen. The inability to bridge the gap that separates hurts like a deep wound.

These are complicated times, and our needs are constantly shifting.

Space to explore what you need…

Therapy offers you a safe space to express your needs, wants, and desires without fear. This leads to feeling confident and empowered, and, yes, higher self-esteem.

In deeply knowing yourself, you will know others more deeply and intimately. Communication will flow, and you will no longer tolerate bad behaviors from others as you develop the ability to set healthy limits.

Instead of relationships that drag you down, you will gain the ability to have reciprocal, deep, and lasting relationships that sustain you.

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Hi, I’m Sharada.

We are wired for connection, and emotional intimacy is the key to our happiness.

I am happy to work with you in whatever relationship status you’re in that has led you here.

We will work collaboratively, utilizing strengths you already possess to repair wounds and increase clarity to make shifts in your relationships, either married, partnered, single, or on an individual basis.

More About Me

It’s time to feel empowered.

Relationships are powerful experiences, ones we are always engaged in, either with ourselves, marriages, partnerships or family and friends.

Relational intimacy helps us feel empowered and plugged in to the rest of our world. I am passionate about this work and happy to work collaboratively with you and your partner or individually.

Call for a free 30-minute phone or in-person consult at (845) 516-4779 or reach out by email at I am here for you!

Relationships are powerful, beautiful, and symbolic of our interior psyches, it symbolizes the act of throwing together the incongruous and living in the tension that exists between them.

—Thomas Moore