Individual Therapy

“When one is pretending, the entire body revolts.”

– Anaïs Nin

Challenges in life are normal…

Vying for a promotion or advancement in the office.

Feeling caught in a cycle of disappointment when it comes to dating.

Experiencing loneliness or lack of purpose now that your youngest child is away and off to college.

Becoming a parent for the first time and fearful that you’ll somehow ruin this miraculous life you help create.

Not know how to cope can bring on even more pressure…

Feeling sad, depressed, or anxious – your body is responding to these emotions.

For example, you might experience sadness as a pervasive heaviness in your shoulders, forehead, or back of the neck. You might even experience headaches.

Anxiety might be experienced as tightness in your chest, neck, shoulders, and head.

Depression because you can’t see a path forward to the fulfilling, happy, or purposeful life you want.

And searching the internet and reading self-help books have just led to frustration, confusion, desperation… and more anxiety.

We are built for connection…

… and feeling close and connected to loved ones shapes our responses to others. Experiencing a sense of security in our relationships grounds us and helps us safely explore our world.

If you are in continual conflicts with friends, partners, family, and employers, life can be disruptive and feel unsafe.

You might feel as if you’re constantly striving – always climbing a high hill without any relief in sight. It leaves you feeling sad, depressed, and lonely.

Self-love, self-empowerment, understanding, and respect for the other is one way to help prevent further disappointment or pain. This means a journey of self-discovery, leading to self-knowledge and higher self-esteem.

Learning to love oneself is not easy, but having a guide with you helps.

Gently guiding you on a journey of self-discovery…

Whatever the reason, therapy will help you to connect with your deeper self, identify your needs, and live life more authentically.

Together, we will work on whatever issues you are struggling with: strengthening self-esteem, increasing self-confidence, improving communication, increase satisfaction in relationships, less conflict with others, less stress at work, or improved family relations.

You’ll be able to explore vulnerable feelings like shame, fear, and hidden needs.

And you’ll be able to do so without judgment… and with plenty of support, warmth, and compassion.

Experiencing vulnerable feelings like shame, or fears, disappointment, contempt, or anger are powerful emotions.

When we are unaware of what we are feeling, we might suppress or bury these powerful feelings instead of acknowledging them, which could lead to emotional numbness and the inability to live life authentically.

These powerful emotions lead to a disconnection from self and leaves us at the mercy of others.

But I will be help identify your needs, wants, desires and express them without the fear of disappointing others. This will reinforce confidence in yourself.

Therapy will help you feel more hopeful, confident to face your challenge, and will provide skills for managing and coping with stress.

Shame because of past experiences, or body shame will be honored and explored in a safe space free of judgment.

Other powerful feelings such as fears, and disappointments will also be attended to in safe space free of judgment.

Studies show that feeling safe to acknowledge and discuss our deeper experiences in an environment where we feel heard, and acknowledged without judgment, will lead to a sense of empowerment because of the sense of safety.

You’ll begin to develop a nuanced understanding and compassion for yourself.

Learning to honor yourself by setting healthy limits…

Healthy boundaries or limits leads to feeling less overtaxed and resentful towards others, which shows up in your work as well as relationships with colleagues, friends, and family.

We all have limitations. Recognizing your limits is helpful towards feeling empowered and more connected to your needs and deeper self.

Nuanced understanding of your self occurs when you can recognize and identify subtle physical signs in reactions to situations, people, or any circumstance where you’re uncomfortable or struggling.

Learning to identify physical signs in your bodily discomfort for anxiety or fear will help you navigate unfamiliar situations with more confidence. You will begin to trust your physical responses to your environment.

Understanding times where you need a hug, a break, or time out, or simply want to be listened to is important.

Since we are all built for connection, we will develop a safe and trusting relational space together, where you will feel connected, acknowledged, and supported.

With the help of therapy you will feel more confident to manage challenging situations, and stresses.

I look forward to hearing from you!

I will work with you to reduce anxiety, depression, and worry and help you to shift your perspective and develop solutions.

I’ll help you to lean into your experiences, becoming comfortable with all the feelings within you. And like a ballet dancer, you will develop the ability to do a pirouette!

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